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Install the correct openvpn packages: dnf install NetworkManager-openvpn openvpn; Import a working openvpn config (.ovpn) you can easily import this into NetworkManager: nmcli connection import type openvpn file /path/to/your.ovpn. The config will be saved in /etc/NetworkManager/scripts/ You can inspect the connect with nmcli connection show How to Install the ExpressVPN App for Qubes OS | ExpressVPN Mar 05, 2019 OpenVPN Setup, Revisited Again! - Google Groups OpenVPN setup for Qubes ----- This is an update of the instructions posted in a previous thread[1], for a type of connection that completely tunnels all traffic to/from VMs that are connected to the VPN VM for general Internet use. This version of the openvpn setup has been tested with fedora-21 and debian-8 templates on Qubes R3b3. VPN/OpenVPN Setup - Google Groups Dec 01, 2014

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How to Install the ExpressVPN App for Qubes OS | ExpressVPN Mar 05, 2019

Jan 24, 2014

GitHub - Rudd-O/qubes-vpn: Leakproof VPN for your Qubes OS OpenVPN down calls qubes-vpn-forwarding blackhole. Blackhole mode simply removes all table 78 routes that aren't the blackhole route, reverting to the steady state set by qubes-vpn-forwarding on. This ends any routing on table 78, and therefore traffic from all AppVMs. It is worth noting that, even if these routing rules were to not be deleted