Jul 18, 2019 · Click on the Google Play icon then press Force Stop, followed by Clear Data, then Clear Cache. Now exit Settings and reopen Google Play. Notice how the currency has changed to match your new location. Congrats, you are now using a different version of Google Play.

Dec 05, 2018 Is there a way to change my region on Bluestacks? Aug 22, 2012 How can I circumvent regional restrictions in Google's Try using a VPN and a Google Play store e-mail address set to the region you want to download an app from (I created one specially for this purpose). I successfully set up a free one day trial VPN using an Android app. Then I fired up the Google Play store and installed the apps that I wanted. Then uninstalled the VPN app (which disabled the VPN). How to change your Google Play account on any device

Dec 13, 2016

How to Change Country/Region in Google Play Store

Change Google Play Store Country 2018 in Bluestacks

There are options to change your language and time zone in the “Settings” menu. But generally, when you refer to “country” or “region” in regard to an Android device, that has to do with how you purchase software and media content for it. Thanks t google - How do i change play store region? - Android Sign into your Google Payments account at payments.google.com and click the Settings icon in the top corner. See screenshot: here How to change Country or region on Google Play Store. Click Edit next to the "Home Address" listed and update the address (please note this is different from the "Address Book" which holds shipping addresses). How to Change Your Google Play Store Region and Country?