Juniper SSG or Netscreen series running Juniper ScreenOS 6.1+ Example values for the VPN connection ID and virtual private gateway ID. Placeholders for the remote for the internet-routable external interface on the customer gateway device (your-cgw-ip-address

Using Juniper VPN to Access Network Drives: Faculty and VPN stands for Virtual Private Networking, which allows faculty and staff members to access network resources securely from a remote location, like at home or away on conferences. It also allows secure access for some on-campus applications, like scheduling (EMS) or payroll applications. Juniper-on-Juniper: Work Anywhere, Anytime and from Any … Juniper ’s IT department wanted to make BYOD easier and allow employees to access more applications, which would enable them to be more productive anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Convenience was a priority, but security had to be uncompromising. Juniper ’s confidentia l information and intellectual property had to be protected.

CJFV | Configuring Juniper Networks Firewall/IPsec VPN

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This course is the first in the ScreenOS curriculum. It is a three-day, instructor-led course that focuses on configuration of the ScreenOS firewall/virtual private network (VPN) products in a variety of situations, including basic administrative access, routing, firewall policies and policy options, attack prevention features, address translation, and VPN implementations.

Juniper SSL VPN. Juniper SSL VPN offers SP-initiated SAML SSO (for SSO access directly through the Juniper SSL VPN web application). The authentication factor is the designation of the device as “managed” or not. A device is considered “managed” if it is managed by Idaptive Identity Services, or if it has a trusted certificate Juniper Learning Portal This course utilizes Juniper Networks vMX Series devices for the hands-on component, but the lab environment does not preclude the course from being applicable to other Juniper hardware platforms running the Junos OS. The Juniper Networks vMX Series devices run Junos OS Release 16.2R1.6. Troubleshooting Juniper JunOS customer gateway device When you troubleshoot the connectivity of a Juniper customer gateway device, consider four things: IKE, IPsec, tunnel, and BGP. You can troubleshoot these areas in any order, but we recommend that you start with IKE (at the bottom of the network stack) and move up.