On the radio program Monday, Glenn Beck argued that America will not survive if we lose our history. "We cannot get rid of our history, good and bad, it must stand. You are robbing people of the opportunity to understand how nuanced people are.

‘Get rid of them’: Statues fall as countries confront ‘Get rid of them’: Statues fall as countries confront their racist history. Toppling of statues shed a light on cities’ colonial or slave-owning past Get RID! - Wikipedia Get RID! is the second album by Robots in Disguise. Tracks include the single "Turn It Up", a song composed mainly of references to other songs and, "La Nuit", sung entirely in French.Track listing United Kingdom track listing. All tracks are written by Dee Plume and Sue Denim, except where noted. Rep. Dave Brat: ‘The Left Is Trying to Get Rid of History

'We cannot get rid of our history, GOOD and BAD': Glenn

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